C++ Windows 8 Store Apps: The series

So I’m going to start writing my own apps – I’ve been doing C++ for a while now (15 odd years) and fancy a new project to occupy my commute each day. I’ve equipped an old laptop with a cheap SSD and Windows 8 and installed Visual Studio. The SSD really makes a difference !

Some things I’ve noticed:
– System Restore Protection was not enabled for drive C: out of the box. I suffered some registry corruption (old laptop) and had to rebuild because of this.
– It took about an hour to build my refresh/reset image in case I suffered more problems. I really feel there should be UI elements advertising this feature.

I’ve been using it on my desktop (dual monitor) for a little while now, and while the base of the OS is good, it is hampered by a slightly unclear UI design. The ModernMix application that changes full screen Store apps to windowed apps is very welcome, but I still don’t like the number of clicks required to restart/shutdown, or that Control Panel/Preferences exists in two places.

Finally, some C++ and the class scope “internal”. I didn’t catch this in my first reading and it is essential to building your application. As you can’t have public class members which are not a Windows Runtime type, this is the only way of allowing classes to have accessible non-private members. For more information, see Namespaces and Type Visibility (C++/CX ) at MSDN.