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vSphere REST API and C++ (Part 2)

This is the second part in an ongoing series looking at using the vSphere REST API and C++ with the cpp rest sdk (formerly known as “Casablanca”). In the first part we authenticated against SSO and got some information from the vCenter. In this part we are going to refine our methods so that we… Read More »

vSphere REST API and C++ (Part 1)

One of the new features in vSphere 6.5 is the vSphere REST API. I’ve used the Web Services SDK before and it has never appeared as elegant as other automation APIs I’ve worked with, so the introduction of this held a lot of promise. I rarely see examples for REST services in C++ and as it’s… Read More »

LoadState not called in C++ Windows Store App

I had a problem recently where LoadState was not being called in my C++ based Windows Store App page that was based upon LayoutAwarePage. This question from the Microsoft forums pointed me in the right direction – I had an OnNavigatedTo declared, this was being called and the LoadState was not. I moved the code… Read More »

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C++ Windows 8 Store Apps: The series

So I’m going to start writing my own apps – I’ve been doing C++ for a while now (15 odd years) and fancy a new project to occupy my commute each day. I’ve equipped an old laptop with a cheap SSD and Windows 8 and installed Visual Studio. The SSD really makes a difference !… Read More »

Firefox information via DDE

For a while I’ve been looking into how to work out what browser URL’s a user has open with some code. Internet Explorer is easy – I’ll post that code later – but Firefox and others, that’s where it gets interesting. From my searching there seems to be two ways to do this – DDE… Read More »

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