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Finding a UCS Service Profile from the MAC Address

Quick snippet on how to find the name of a service profile given the MAC address. I found this useful as when troubleshooting ESXi locks, the MAC address of the locking host is shown and sadly not the name. Once I had the name I was able to continue debugging my problem 🙂

This… Read More »

PowerTool – Getting UCS Blades with SD Cards

This is a quick snippet that allows you to retrieve UCS Blades that have SD cards – this might be useful in determining if your blades are ready to have an OS installed on them. These scripts assume you’ve already connected to your UCS Central or UCS Domain. This will get the blades if you’re… Read More »

Importing UCS VLANs

I’ve had to deal with two UCS systems recently, ensuring that the configuration matches on them both, most of which I was happy to go through by hand. But the long list of VLANs was another story. I could see that they can be exported, but I couldn’t find an import ability. So, a quick… Read More »

UCS Default Keyring Certificate Regeneration

Recently our manually generated UCS certificate expired. Checking the manual (here) we needed to regenerate it with the following procedure: UCS-A# scope security UCS-A /security # scope keyring default UCS-A /security/keyring* # set regenerate yes UCS-A /security/keyring* # commit-buffer UCS-A /security/keyring # Piece of cake. What isn’t said is that this will boot everyone using… Read More »