DHCP authorisation for subdomains

While setting up multi-forest, multi-domain environment to test an Exchange 2010 deployment I decided to do something that I hadn’t done when setting up these tests before – I implemented DHCP on one of the domains – all so I could bring up clients as required.

Installing the DHCP service was as easy as usual. Then I came to authorising the server in my child active directory domain.

Lucky I found a MS article on it – http://support.microsoft.com/kb/303351. I logged onto a first-forest-domain as an enterprise administrator and ran the command:

netsh dhcp add server <fqdn of dhcp server> <ip of dhcp server>

And then to verify that it worked:

netsh dhcp show server

No need for GUI tools, always a good thing :). But when I went back to my DHCP server it was still showing as unauthorised – after a quick restart of the service everything was working as it should.