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Moving UCS service profiles

Moving a Cisco UCS service profile between organisations should be a simple thing to do, but sadly it cannot be done in the UCS Manager GUI. There is a useful post on the Cisco communities board here that has the PowerTool script that almost allows you to do this:

This didn’t work for me… Read More »

Small developments

I haven’t updated in a little while since I’ve been quite busy – had a good family holiday a couple of weeks ago. I have purchased a home file server and two Intel NUC’s which are intended to be ESXi boxes. Today has been an interesting day, but not so much good interesting. My first… Read More »

First !

Been meaning to start a blog for a while, to note down all the interesting things I find out each day. Typically this blog will focus on IT and anything I learn whilst implementing infrastructure technologies. As a hobbyist programmer there might be the occasional C++ or some other language. Hopefully you’ll find something useful… Read More »