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The monitor_control.restrict_backdoor setting

The monitor_control.restrict_backdoor advanced setting is a strange one that I’ve encountered recently. It was set on a VM that had been (allegedly) security hardened, and researching this setting in a search engine indicated that this was to prevent the backdoor port from being accessed from anything other than ring 0 (source: Most of the search results… Read More »

vSphere REST API and C++ (Part 1)

One of the new features in vSphere 6.5 is the vSphere REST API. I’ve used the Web Services SDK before and it has never appeared as elegant as other automation APIs I’ve worked with, so the introduction of this held a lot of promise. I rarely see examples for REST services in C++ and as it’s… Read More »

Setting VM SDRS automation levels

I learnt recently that when you Storage vMotion a VM within a datastore cluster and you check the box to select which datastore you explicitly want the VM to be migrated to, it sets the SDRS automation level for the VM to disabled. Finding out which VMs have an automation level of disabled can be… Read More »

Viewing VM CPU Masks via PowerCLI

This post was updated on 9th May 2017 to fix an error condition in the script. Support for Windows Server 2012 was announced starting with ESXi 5.0 Update 2, but there was a little known flaw in this support – in that without a CPU mask, a VM could blue screen at any time. The… Read More »

Installing ESXi 6 onto USB via Workstation 9

This is going to one of those blog posts that is mostly pictures 😉 When installing ESXi 6 I decided to install onto (and therefore boot from) USB instead of installing and booting from local disk. This would allow my SSDs to be used for playing with Flash Cache. I had Workstation 9 available to… Read More »

vSphere Web Client and SSH Warnings

I started using the vSphere C# client back when the product was called Virtual Infrastructure 3, and despite its many flaws it has become second nature to me. I’ve used the Web Client in 5.0 and 5.5 but never really gotten into it (for many reasons, speed being the main one). I typically use Host… Read More »

Unmounted NFS datastore after ESXi boots

In my home lab I recently found a problem where an NFS share I had mounted on my ESXi 5.5 device was unmounted after it had been turned on/restarted. My home lab is not that unusual, I have a N54L HP Microserver for shared storage – where I am using ZFS to carve up my… Read More »

Listing Virtual Machines and Portgroups

vSphere 5.0 – If you need a list of Virtual Machines and the portgroups they are attached to:

If you need to export this to a CSV: