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Getting a vSphere VM’s Network Adapters

Getting all the network adapters for a VM is an easy task:

When you remove a network adapter, vSphere will remove it’s entry in the .vmx file. In the .vmx file, the adapter configuration options are prepended by an “ethernetX” string, where X is a number between 0 and 9. Removing the adapter, removesā€¦ Read More »

Swapfile Datastores

If you have more than one swap file datastore for your hosts, then you might want to see which hosts are connected to what datastores.

Quick PowerCLI #1

I may or may not make this a series šŸ˜‰ PowerShell with VMware is very useful. Ignoring the Connect-VIServer and Disconnect-VIServer commands, here are some tips. Getting the Swap File Datastore for all hosts in a cluster If you store VM swap files away from the VM folder (faster disk I would hope) and haveā€¦ Read More »

VMware Orchestrator workflow failing

Had an interesting issue the other week involving VMware Orchestrator. Workflows have been set up to use Configuration elements, and one of the attributes in the element was a VC:VmFolder. This would be set, but the workflow would fail, and when I went back to look at the attribute it was “not set”. This hadā€¦ Read More »


I passed the VMware VCP510 exam earlier this week, so am now waiting on VMware to confirm it [and send the Workstation 8 license !]. It was a tough exam, seemed to be a fair test of experience with the product and the time allocated was balanced to the questions quite well. Many sites offerā€¦ Read More »