Multiple service vROPs dashboard

aving worked with vRealize Operations Manager (vROPS) for a little while now, one of my aims was to enable end-users, i.e. application support teams and VM owners, the ability to log in and see a dashboard of all the VMs that are related to their service. Setting up a dashboard for each service seemed relatively straight forward but I didn’t want to manage any more dashboards than necessary – if a change needed to be made then I only wanted to do it once. So, my quest became on how to get a multiple service vROPs dashboard, so that end-users would only be able to see the services that were appropriate to them.

As there is an article (and you’re reading it !) it is possible to do and combines permissions with a custom group type to deliver. When it is done, we’ll have a dashboard that will let us view the list of VMs in a service, and the infrastructure utilisation statistics for it.