Cisco UCS Central – getting free slots from connected domains

Quick powershell snippet time ! When you have a UCS Central instance with a number of domains, knowing what free slots you have available is quite useful – especially when you’ve got a smart hands service and won’t be racking new servers but instead having to communicate instructions.

In my time I’ve seen UCS Central used to manage geographically separate domains and a large number of domains across a small number of sites. When you get a new blade it needs to be put into a free slot, the question is where ?

The script below uses domain groups to separate out domains, but the code is formatted so it can be removed if they aren’t used.

Get-UCSCentralOrgDomainGroup -Filter { Level -ceq 1 } | % {
	$group = $_;
	Get-UCSCentralComputeSystem | ? { $_.OperGroupDn.StartsWith($group.Dn); } | % {
		$compute = $_;
		Get-UCSCentralChassis -ComputeSystem $_ | sort Id | select @{L='Group';E={$}}, @{L='Domain';E={$compute.Name}}, @{L='Chassis';E={ $_.Id}}, @{L='Blade Count';E={(Get-UCSCentralBlade -Chassis $_).Count}}

Apologies I don’t currently have any domains available to run this against to show you some sample output so I appreciate you’ll be trying this out blind. I hope that it meets your expectations !

I’ve uploaded this to my github in a script file so it can be run as you need it 🙂