Windows 8 and recent hotfixes

So I bought a laptop about 6+ years ago and it died about 4 1/2 years ago, refusing to take a charge when plugged into the mains. Now I’m pretty sure I tried everything I could to get it to work, considering that I had a University assignment due in 2 days later and I was half way through writing it up and my only recourse was to drive back to work and grab an spare, old, bad, slow laptop to complete it (it’s good to be in charge !). This laptop (not the work one, that got taken back as soon as I was done) was on a shelf in our spare room (I do hoard some things) and I decided to give it a go. Plugged it in. Green light. Oooohhhhh.

I got it to boot once, but soon determined that there were hard drive errors. So, as much as I don’t like not being able to take a backup of a drive, I wiped it and installed the Release Preview of Windows 8.

The laptop is an Acer Aspire 5020 and has a single core AMD Turion 1.8Ghz and 1.25Gb RAM and runs Windows 8 surprisingly well. Apps are quick to start, switching is responsive. I can’t get the wireless to work yet (Acer require their launcher software to be installed to allow the wireless to be enabled) and the screen resolution isn’t quite right yet (working on) but no real complaints yet. I’ve installed the Office preview and Visual Studio 2012 so the test over the next few weeks is putting together a c++ metro app. Windows 8 is different, but better to be in front of it properly rather than running it in a VM.

Two issues I’ve run into recently:

Group Policy Preferences and item level targeting – on Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2. There is a bug that creates additional ldap connections and leaves them in a CLOSE_WAIT state. Had a server that had *lots* of ldap connections building up until it was unable to service any more socket requests.

The knowledge base article and hotfix is here ->

If you use PerfMon to track TCP Connections then you’ll see the number of connections slowly rising. “netstat -o” will show you the connections and their state.

IIS with Integrated security set doesn’t fall back to NTLM if Negotiate fails – I had this on Windows Server 2008 (I think, could have been R2 but was a long weekend !). I was trying to visit a /certsrv site on a DC and I was being prompted for credentials – but I could not provide DC credentials that worked.

Looking at the providers for the Windows Integrated authentication method showed that Negotiate was ahead of NTLM – the workaround was to swap them round. The kb and hotfix is here ->

This article led me to the solution, so I can’t take any credit 😉