Getting a vSphere VM’s Network Adapters

Getting all the network adapters for a VM is an easy task:

get-networkadapter -vm [vm name]

When you remove a network adapter, vSphere will remove it’s entry in the .vmx file. In the .vmx file, the adapter configuration options are prepended by an “ethernetX” string, where X is a number between 0 and 9. Removing the adapter, removes all the appropriate “ethernetX” entries from the file. Adding an adapter to a VM will use the first available number, so if in a 5 NIC VM “ethernet2” is not present, this is where the adapter will be placed. This has the effect of calling the NIC “Network Adapter 3”.

Why does this matter ? Because we want to get our adapters in a reliable order, regardless of the number of NICs present.

get-networkadapter -vm [vm name] | sort Name

The above line will work for all VM’s with less than 10 NICs. When we have 10 NICs we need to do a little bit of regex on the sort code:

get-networkadapter -vm [vm name] | sort { if ($_.Name -match '(\d+)') { [int] $matches[1] } }

This strips out the number from the name of the adapter, converts it to an int and sorts based upon that.

This was all done with PowerCLI

Sidenote: I really need to find a decent plugin for code highlighting :-/