Small developments

I haven’t updated in a little while since I’ve been quite busy – had a good family holiday a couple of weeks ago. I have purchased a home file server and two Intel NUC’s which are intended to be ESXi boxes.

Today has been an interesting day, but not so much good interesting. My first discovery was that if you want to play with VMware AutoDeploy on a vSphere evaluation license then you are not authorised to download the offline ESXi software depot bundle.

Now that this matters because both the NUC’s have faults – one is DOA and the other only has one working memory slot. Will have to RMA both of them on Monday.

I am starting to get my teeth into both Server 2012 and Lync 2013 (on premises). I’m also planning on running my file server as both Server 2012 and ZFS on Solaris/CentOS/to be decided later and see which is better. Right now I’m the Windows way for a quieter life. Seems to be working quite well, just need to find a place to put it so the missus can sleep at night !

To network all of this I’ve got a Cisco SG300-10 which I saw recommended on a couple of virtualisation-related blogs. It’s quiet and the CLI is pretty much the same as IOS, though they don’t like you changing the management IP. I had a stupid moment and did a “no ip address” on the interface, a groan and a reboot followed !

For the last couple of years I’ve been with O2 broadband as they have always had excellent reviews. Sadly they were bought by Sky and the offer to move completely has been too good to refuse (Broadband, Talk and Entertainment Extra+ HD for no installation fee and £14.50 pcm) but we’ve also decided to not take up their offer of joining their ADSL network and have FTTC being installed Monday with a minimum OFCOM-enforced speed of 35Mbps. Should be nice !