I started programming in QBasic as a young teen, eventually moving onto Visual Basic but it wasn’t until University that I learnt Java and C/C++. I had always built my own computers and had networked them with friends for Doom/LAN parties.

After University I took a role at a local Secondary School, providing support for the infrastructure, which was mainly Windows 98/NT 4/XP/2000. After a few years I was promoted to manage the team and IT estate, and took it through multiple hardware refreshes including virtualisation and SAN.

Since then I’ve had positions supporting, managing and designing infrastructure at Mediaocean, providing services to the advertising industry, the Bank of England and RCI Financial Services – which provides financing to the Renault-Nissan alliance network.

I’ve been a VMware Certified Professional since VI3, also holding certifications for 4, 5 and 6 and have deployed, managed and upgraded infrastructure though every major release. I’ve worked with Dell, HP and Cisco UCS server infrastructure, including UCS Central for dealing with infrastructure at scale.

Given my programming background I enjoy automating tasks and implementing interoperability between solutions. My passion is helping organisations continue their virtualisation journey and transform their infrastructure from manually managed to compliance/reporting based.