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Expand/Collapse Animation with UWP

In my latest app I wanted to have an UI element that could expand and collapse on demand – it was taking up a lot of screen real estate and I wanted to give the user a choice of whether to minimise part of it. Hooking a button up to change the visibility of the …

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Get VMHost Swap datastore using PowerCLI

This is a quick one-liner to get the configured swap datastore on a host/hosts: If we want to make the name look a little nicer we could do: This would get the results for all the esxi hosts for the target that you are connected to, however if you wanted to reduce the scope to …

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WSUS, Powershell and Computers

My role currently involves dealing with Windows in addition to the standard VMware/hardware infrastructure. If we ever thought that patching ESXi was fun, dealing with WSUS is whole other ball game. I will no doubt get around to writing a full post about it in the near future, as dealing with it has been quite …

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