Firefox information via DDE

For a while I’ve been looking into how to work out what browser URL’s a user has open with some code. Internet Explorer is easy – I’ll post that code later – but Firefox and others, that’s where it gets interesting. From my searching there seems to be two ways to do this – DDE… Read More »

Category: C++


I passed the VMware VCP510 exam earlier this week, so am now waiting on VMware to confirm it [and send the Workstation 8 license !]. It was a tough exam, seemed to be a fair test of experience with the product and the time allocated was balanced to the questions quite well. Many sites offer… Read More »

First !

Been meaning to start a blog for a while, to note down all the interesting things I find out each day. Typically this blog will focus on IT and anything I learn whilst implementing infrastructure technologies. As a hobbyist programmer there might be the occasional C++ or some other language. Hopefully you’ll find something useful… Read More »