Getting a NetApp volume size with Powershell

I ran into a problem recently where I needed to get the size of a volume from a NetApp filer so I could create a new volume (of the same size) and initialise a snapmirror relationship to it. The problem was that sometimes the snapmirror relationship would fail to start, reporting that the destination volume… Read More »

Moving UCS service profiles

Moving a Cisco UCS service profile between organisations should be a simple thing to do, but sadly it cannot be done in the UCS Manager GUI. There is a useful post on the Cisco communities board here that has the PowerTool script that almost allows you to do this:

This didn’t work for me… Read More »

Unmounted NFS datastore after ESXi boots

In my home lab I recently found a problem where an NFS share I had mounted on my ESXi 5.5 device was unmounted after it had been turned on/restarted. My home lab is not that unusual, I have a N54L HP Microserver for shared storage – where I am using ZFS to carve up my… Read More »

Why, Apple, Why ?

  iTunes 64bit installer. I wasn’t allowed to install the 32bit version. For whatever reason.

LoadState not called in C++ Windows Store App

I had a problem recently where LoadState was not being called in my C++ based Windows Store App page that was based upon LayoutAwarePage. This question from the Microsoft forums pointed me in the right direction – I had an OnNavigatedTo declared, this was being called and the LoadState was not. I moved the code… Read More »

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Small developments

I haven’t updated in a little while since I’ve been quite busy – had a good family holiday a couple of weeks ago. I have purchased a home file server and two Intel NUC’s which are intended to be ESXi boxes. Today has been an interesting day, but not so much good interesting. My first… Read More »

Importing UCS VLANs

I’ve had to deal with two UCS systems recently, ensuring that the configuration matches on them both, most of which I was happy to go through by hand. But the long list of VLANs was another story. I could see that they can be exported, but I couldn’t find an import ability. So, a quick… Read More »

UCS Default Keyring Certificate Regeneration

Recently our manually generated UCS certificate expired. Checking the manual (here) we needed to regenerate it with the following procedure: UCS-A# scope security UCS-A /security # scope keyring default UCS-A /security/keyring* # set regenerate yes UCS-A /security/keyring* # commit-buffer UCS-A /security/keyring # Piece of cake. What isn’t said is that this will boot everyone using… Read More »

Listing Virtual Machines and Portgroups

vSphere 5.0 – If you need a list of Virtual Machines and the portgroups they are attached to:

If you need to export this to a CSV:

Getting a vSphere VM’s Network Adapters

Getting all the network adapters for a VM is an easy task:

When you remove a network adapter, vSphere will remove it’s entry in the .vmx file. In the .vmx file, the adapter configuration options are prepended by an “ethernetX” string, where X is a number between 0 and 9. Removing the adapter, removes… Read More »